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    Coco Chanel once said: “Before you leave the house, look in the mirror and take one thing off. Usually we try to live by her wise words but not when it comes to wearing stacked rings. There’s no need to fear: stacking and layering is easier to pull off than you think! It’s all about creating your unique look which is what all of us do everyday. We at HOTCROWN are also a tiny bit obsessed with the ring stacking trend and decided to give you the best tips on how to stack our beautiful handmade rings. By mixing our timeless jewelry and this fun, ongoing craze, you’ll be the coolest chick in town!


    1. Add a sparkly surprise. We are totally digging the simple look with a diamond in the middle of everything to make it interesting!

     2. Keep all the stones one color. This is a great way to make your look cohesive. We went for an all black look but you can try this style with any color!

    3. Mix different materials. Mixing creates a dramatic look, especially when you work with red. Incorporating different textures also adds visual appeal! We love this look with our logo ring to top it all off!

    4. Keep it simple. Stacking on one finger is a great way to keep your look smooth and classy. 

    5. Don’t always follow the rules ! the thing to remember is there’s no “right” or “wrong” way to do this. If you love how it looks, that’s what matters. Don’t be afraid to experiment and get input from friends whose style you admire and who can give advice without squashing your personal expression.

    All of these beautiful rings are available on our webstore, so visit to see the complete collection!



    Celebrate Mother's Day with HOTCROWN

    Celebrate Mother's Day with HOTCROWN

    That one day of the year where we show a little bit more love and affection to the woman who raised us: Mother’s Day. Some give flowers, others give chocolate, or invite their mother to a nice dinner. What better way to express our endless appreciation for our one and only? That’s right, like Ian Handling once said, “diamonds last forever” and to make your job a little easier, we made a list with this week’s top pieces which are one by one what you’ve been looking for all along. Take a look below! Hope we make your Mother’s Day shopping a breeze!


    The Anne Marie White Golden Earrings are the first ones to be featured on this list. This classic and stylish design will add a touch of glamour to any look.

    Nothing more beautiful than our Claire Silver Necklace , a timeless statement piece for any occasion.


    Any soiree becomes more dazzling with this Brandon Cuff in white gold. It is the perfect accessory to complete and elevate any look ! 


    a must have in every jewelry box is the circle necklace, as it is the perfect go-to necklace when you don’t know what to wear! 



    With its delicate presence and gentle silhouette, the Florence bracelet adds tons of style to your total look.

    Our Henrietta earrings are perfect of the day-to-day chic look and also can be worn to top off an evening look. They are versatile and add the perfect amount of sparkle to a polished and elegant style.


    A classic diamond necklace that is going to make any woman stand out of the crowd! 

    The 8 best looks from the 2017 MET Gala

    The 8 best looks from the 2017 MET Gala

    One of fashion’s biggest nights has arrived! This year’s theme was dedicated to honor the opening of Rei Kawabuko / Comme Des Garcons exhibition. Kawabuko is known for her avant-garde designs and how she makes them look fashionable. We are such big fans of these events and enthusiastically wait for them all year long!


    It is quite obvious that the big winner of the night is Rihanna ! We never expect her to disappoint, but especially this year she blew us away with a piece fresh from the COMME DES GARCONS runway.

    Kerry Washington entirely deserves to be on this list. Why, you ask? Well, unlike most celebrities who ignored this year’s theme, Kerry actually sticked to it and looked absolutely fabulous. 

    This is the first time Cara has stepped out with her short cut, and it’s safe to say she’s rocking it ! Her slicked-down silver hair paired with this beautiful Chanel suit matches this year’s theme and is an absolute go!

    Zendaya is an absolute winner. because of her beautiful Dolce & Gabbana dress but mainly because of her glorious natural curls that complete the entire outfit. Y E S !

    Kendall isn’t the first Kardashian to go for such a naked look, but she looked amazing! Paired with bold, red lips, she left very little to the imagination in her La Perla gown. We love!

    Gigi Hadid is known for her super sexy looks on the runway, but this time she impressed us with an unexpected avant garde edge.

    Even though Ashley’s dress does not necessarily match this year’s COMME DES GARCONS theme, she looks way too beautiful to not be featured! The shape looks fabulous on her, and her confidence makes it extra sexy!

    With the bright pink dress from Chanel, this little Depp brought a little color to the red carpet. Simple, yet classy and beautiful!



    Holocaust Survivor Fela Weisberg Presthandig & the Ruby Ring

    Holocaust Survivor Fela Weisberg Presthandig & the Ruby Ring

    Fela Weisberg Presthandig is a holocaust survivor from Poland with an incredible story about survival. She lost her mother and younger siblings at the beginning of the war, as they had been sent to the Treblinka extermination camp. Fela stayed behind with her older brother Jacob and her two older sisters. To stay alive, Fela worked in a factory during her time at the ghetto. However, death came close several times. Fela fell ill and risked falling into the hands of doctor Mengele's. Fortunately, she was warned prior to selections, so she could avoid being kills.
    Eventually Fela and her sister were shipped to Auschwitz. They were sent to the gas chambers in Auschwitz. They stood in line for a long time awaiting their deaths. After much time weeping in anticipation, they were let out. Fela and her sister Lacha left the gas chambers alive, and instead, were given a dress and wooden boots, and they were put to work. The sisters received tattoos with personal identification numbers. From that point forward, they had no names, only numbers.
    Fela explains that a friendly German soldier watched her for some time. When Fella asked him why he always watched her, he explained that she reminded him of his own daughter. He began secretly bringing her slices of bread, and Fella secretly distributed the bread to the hungry. One day, a woman in desperate tears approached Fela in search of food. The woman was hiding her 3-year old daughter in the camp and she needed help finding food. Fela was able to obtain more bread from the friendly German soldier. In exchange, the woman gave Fela her cherished family heirloom, a gold ring with a precious ruby center stone.
    Eventually Fela was liberated from Auschwitz. She started a family and passed her story from one generation to the next. Today, Fela has several daughters and granddaughters who feel a strong connection with her experiences from the holocaust, and they wanted a replica of the unique ring that survived the holocaust. Today each of them carries a beautiful replica, custom created by HotCrown.

    Unique Look - Engagement Rings With Colored Stones

    Unique Look - Engagement Rings With Colored Stones

    Let your unique love shine with a colored engagement stone! A blushing pink diamond, sparkling red ruby, or deep blue sapphire could be the perfect way to symbolize your love and commitment to your other half.
    Colored diamonds come in many hues, including yellow, pink, red, green and blue. Many A-list celebrities opt for uniquely tinted diamonds, including Amal Alamuddin, whose engagement ring features a beautiful, emerald-cut yellow diamond, and Blake Lively, who sports a pink diamond in a delicate, rose gold setting. Colored diamonds are rare compared to colorless diamonds, which will make your engagement ring even more unique and special.
     Other colored gemstones include beautiful stones such as rubies, sapphires, amethysts, and emeralds. Kate Middleton famously wears a flawless, oval blue sapphire surrounded by diamonds, which formerly belonged to Princess Diana.
    Check out Hot Crown’s beautiful selection of engagement rings, including the Shelly Ruby Ring, the Audrey Black Diamonds Ring, and the Sapphire and Diamonds Bella Ring. Your ring should be beautiful and timeless, just like your love story!