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    It’s that Time of the Year Again and we Bring you the Latest Fall Trends

    It’s that Time of the Year Again and we Bring you the Latest Fall Trends

    Summer is over and it’s time to move to that perfect-weather season we’ve been expecting. One of the things we like the most about this much-expected season is the warm colors and rich textures it brings with it. In this post, we present you all the major fall trends of 2017 brought straight from New York Fashion Week: colors, jewelry, clothes, makeup and hairstyles so you can be prepared for this upcoming season!


    According to Pantone, the color palette for Fall 2017 leans more towards warm colors. Comforting shades are crucial to this season, including pale pink, golden lime and marina blue. The colors are powerful and evocative like the ‘Grenadine’ which is a “confident and self-assured attention-getter” shade of red, or like the “Tawny Port” which is an elegant, sophisticated, and tasteful shade of burgundy.

    Jewelry Trends

    Following the color palette that Pantone took out from New York Fashion week, ruby is the dominating gemstone. Ruby is distinguished for its bright red color, being the most famous red gemstone. Besides its bright color, it’s a most desirable gem due to its hardness, durability, brightness, and rarity. Moreover, Saphire is the perfect match to the ‘Navy Peony’ shade, as well as the Emerald coming between ‘Shaded Spruce’ and ‘Golden lime.’

    Amy ring:

    Sofia ring:

    ILU earrings:

    Leeonora Necklace:

    Matilda ring:


    Fashion Trends

    The runways at New York Fashion Week were a big surprise this season. Trends like fringes and one-shoulder pieces aren’t new, but designers are taking them to a whole new level of excitement. Neutral plaids are also trending now, appearing on every piece of clothes you can imagine, from boots to coats, to t-shirts and accessories. Moreover, this season’s runway demonstrated that flowers aren’t only blooming in spring and that metallic sparkles can be used all year long, at daytime and nighttime.


    Glitter Bomb

    Leather pants

    One shoulder

    Neutral plaids

    Makeup Trends

    This fall’s beauty trends are the opposite of no-makeup: dramatic and unique eyeliner trends, strong eye looks and lip color statements following this season’s color scheme.

    Cold weather cheeks

    Eyeliner interrupted

    Brown lips

    Blue Eyeshadow

    Sunset eyes

    Dramatic Eyeliner

    Hair Trends

    The hair for this season is all about the drama of simplicity. The runways showcased natural and relaxed looks, as well as exotic tribal braids, and easy-to-pull-off wet styles.

    The sleek wet look

    Relaxed curls

    Short bobs

    The bowl cut

    Tribal braids

    Natural lengths

    This season is full of inspiring colors, trendy pieces and fun trends.

    Find your favorite ones and enjoy this season!

    Rosh Hashanah, the Jewish New Year

    Rosh Hashanah, the Jewish New Year

    Lechaim, Salud, Cheers to New Beginnings

    Happy Jewish New Year! Happy Rosh Hashanah!

    Rosh Hashanah is considered the universe’s birthday, the day Adam & Eve were created, Therefore, it’s one of the most important festivities in the Jewish religion. It’s celebrated very soon, so we decided to dedicate a blog post for such a special holiday focusing on its main messages.

    Rosh Hashanah actually means “head of the year” and just like the head controls the body, our actions on this special time, have a tremendous impact on the rest of the year. Many Americans use the New Year as a time to reflect and plan a better life, making "resolutions." Likewise, the Jewish New Year is a time to begin introspection, looking back at the mistakes of the past year and planning the changes to make in the new year.

    This festivity and the one coming after, called Yom Kipur, are holidays which are meant for reflection and introspection. Although humans should deal with this kind of matters throughout the year, the holidays give you the perfect opportunity to stop and think of what you’ve done right and wrong during the year. What would you want to improve and from who do you need to ask for forgiveness. This way, one should start the new year hoping to be a better person with a set of goals and a purpose in life.

    The word shanah, which means year, also has the definition of ‘shinuy’ which is translated into change. Therefore, Rosh Hashanah is also the beginning of adjustment in our lives, where we look to better ourselves for the coming year. This decision to change serves as the perfect opportunity for growth in every aspect of our lives. “There is no renewal without change and there is no change without renewal.”

    During Rosh Hashanah, we bless each other to have a sweet good year. This expression was created many years ago in a time where there was almost no sugar and sweets were considered a rare delicacy. Nowadays, Jewish people have the custom to dip apples in honey as a symbol for it. We also eat pomegranates referring to a year full of many blessings like a number of seeds it contains. Additionally, Jewish people eat a fish’s head during this holiday, symbolizing how we should always strive to be the head and not the tail. It’s a symbol of our personal aspirations to lead in every aspect of our lives, personal or professional.

    Why are we telling you all that? We believe the concept of the Jewish new year’s is universal and everyone can learn from it, to appreciate how far they’ve come in their life. Then, to take the time to determine what’re the next steps for a better life. And finally, try to reach a state of acceptance within yourself to be able to realize that your past can serve as a motivation for an improved future.

    We wish you the sweetest year of all, surrounded by the people you love the most! Chag Sameach.

    It's Time for a Honeymoon

    It's Time for a Honeymoon

    Did you know that it’s often said that the wedding is for the guests and the honeymoon is for the couple? This is because of all those crazy months couples spend on planning for their special day and suddenly everything they’ve been preparing  for the last period, goes by in a blink of an eye. Therefore, for us, the equation is really simple: if you get a very special engagement ring because you deserve to shine, you should get an amazing honeymoon because you deserve to relax. Plain and simple. 

    We like to make things easier for you, so we’ve rounded up the most romantic and unique honeymoon destinations across the globe, each of them offering something new for the newlyweds. And don’t be disappointed if you don’t get to visit more than one destination, you can save them for other romantic getaways.

    1. Jamaica:

    Are you a free-spirited kind of person? Are you expecting to have one mojito on your left hand and one piña colada of the right hand every morning at the beach on your honeymoon? If you are, Jamaica is your place. First of all, it’s located in the Caribbean, which means clear water, white sand and summer weather all year long. If that isn’t enough, Jamaicans are extremely happy people who will make you laugh throughout your whole vacation and will teach you how to move your body to the best latin hits. Moreover, if you’re looking for an exotic getaway, Sandals Royal Caribbean created overwater bungalows with floating hammocks, a private infinity pool and a Jacuzzi with an outdoor shower.

    2. Bali, Indonesia:

    First of all, its nickname is the “Isle of the Gods” No other explanation is needed for choosing this place as your honeymoon destination. Ok, jokes aside, this island is a magnet for romance seekers due to its temples, beautiful mountain views and its art scene. Best tip of all, you should arrange a trip to Pura Luhur Uluwatu temple located 2000 feet above the Indian Ocean and experience the most unforgettable sunset in the world and after that we recommend that you can stay to watch a magical dance performance.

    3. Paris, France:

    Mon ameur. Je t’aime. Ma vie. Just the language makes you fall in love all over again. There’s no question, Paris has been known for years as the most romantic place of all and this is due to a combination of its architecture, food and art. You can create a movie-like getaway where you take the perfect photo at the Eiffel Tower, feed each other a nutella crepe and finish the trip with a ribbon at the Pont des Art bridge, which symbolizes your committed love to one another (yes, now you have to use ribbons because locks are prohibited).

    4. Japan:

    Nothing’s greater than natural beauty, sake, sushi, history and culture. Japan is a country that has both ancient heritage and modern inspiring cities. You can choose to explore the city or if you prefer nature you can hike in the most incredible places. . There’re so many options, from Tokyo, the city of lights and senses, to Kyoto which has more than a dozen UNESCO World Heritage Sites. Moreover, if you decide to fly to Japan around the months of March and April, you’ll witness the glorious Sakura, which is cherry blossom season. Your photos will make everyone jealous. If that’s not enough, you can also explore the japanese culture by taking some craft classes such as calligraphy or tea ceremony, or even bathe in an onsen, a traditional hot spring bath.

    5. Kiev, Ukraine:

    You might have never imagined it, but Ukraine’s capital is a beautiful city which offers several romantic places for honeymooners. You can walk through the Landscape alley and feel like you’re part of the movie Alice in Wonderland. You can also enjoy amazing food, cheap shopping and good weather on summer. However, the most beautiful place of all is the Lover’s bridge, where you will enchant your partner forever since there’s a belief among Kyivens that whoever you kiss at the Lover’s bridge, will remember you for their entire life.

    6. Greece:

    What’s better than bar hopping? ISLAND HOPPING. The land of goddess Aphrodite and the love god Eros has thousands of islands waiting to be explored by newlyweds. Greek islands are known for their beauty, extraordinary views and unique landscapes. You may choose to visit Santorini, which is known for its seriously gorgeous sunsets and immaculate white villas. Also, there’s Mykonos and Ios for the couples who’re looking to party. Moreover, for the more cultural couples, Delos offers sacred places of ancient Greece like the Terrace of the Lions. It doesn’t matter which island you choose, you will enjoy Greek’s amazing cousin.

    7. Hawaii:

    There must be several reasons why Hawaii is always rated as a top honeymoon destination year after year. Perhaps it’s due to the air which is filled with exotic flowers’ fragrance or maybe it’s the amazing tropical sunsets. Hawaii has the most beautiful and uncrowded beaches where you can enjoy every water sport imagined. You can also dance the hula every night, enjoy fresh food from the ocean and travel through the Island, making it a special and adventurous vacation.

    8. Thailand:

    Why would you want to settle for only one beach when you can experience a dozen? Just rent a motorbike and go search your favorite one. Thailand is known for its impressive beaches and for its chill atmosphere. A place where people go there to relax and forget about reality, which is exactly what you’re supposed to do on your honeymoon. Not only that, you can get certified in scuba diving and take your new skills for a test-drive on the most breathtaking seas of all.

    9. Cape Town, South Africa:

    If you can’t decide what you want to do for your honeymoon, don’t worry, Cape Town is your answer. It offers everything you’ve been looking for: amazing beaches, a party city, wild landscapes, wineries and some of the world’s best safaris. Oh, and the best tip of all, don’t forget to visit Boulders Beach, the famed colony of warm-weather penguins.

    From ME to ME: 7 Reasons Why it’s Better to Buy Yourself a Gift

    From ME to ME: 7 Reasons Why it’s Better to Buy Yourself a Gift

    If you are one of those people who likes every present you receive, CONGRATULATIONS, you’re a rare species. Ok, maybe we're exaggerating a little, but let’s accept it, humans and especially women, are demanding. Men always say that women are indecisive and don’t know what they want, but let me tell you something… maybe we don’t know what we want for dinner tonight, but we know exactly what we want for this year’s birthday and for next year’s as well.

    Don’t get us wrong, we’re not trying to discourage someone from giving us gifts because it actually feels so gratifying to feel loved through a present he (or she) chooses especially for us. However, what we're trying to say is: WHY WAIT FOR SOMEONE ELSE TO BUY YOU SOMETHING IF YOU CAN BUY IT YOURSELF?

    Whether celebrating singlehood or happily involved in coupledom, research shows that buying gifts for oneself is both healthy and helpful, especially if those purchases are linked to professional achievements or personal milestones. Also, brain researchers have found that giving stimulates the same networks that light up when we feel physical pleasure, such as eating a cookie or running warm water over cold hands. Then, there is receiving which makes you feel appreciated even if it’s just a card saying a few nice words. So if giving and receiving are such a bliss, why not mixing both?

    Therefore, we present you seven reasons for experiencing the pleasure of giving and receiving at the same time like this funny woman who surprised herself with an amazing gift and a beautiful letter from her 3-am-self (after a few red wine cups).

  • 1. You work hard, you should reward yourself

  • You are a powerful woman, you are independent, you work hard, you may be a mother and take care of your children… You do a lot of things and you deserve to shine. What’s more empowering than being able to buy yourself your favorite jewelry piece? An accessory that you’ll be able to wear every day and will demonstrate how great and amazing you really are. Buying yourself something costly but that would last forever, will empower you, making you feel independent and capable.


  • 2. You choose exactly what you want

  • You’ve been saving money for a while now to be able to buy the perfect gifts for your loved ones, but you are forgetting about a very important person: YOU. Don’t forget giving presents to the people you love most, but also giving yourself something now and then. Buying yourself something you really love, is a beautiful way of demonstrating you love you as well .

  • 3. You are less likely to have a price on your mind

  • While buying gifts for other people most of the time you have a specific budget in mind, but when it comes to yourself, why not exceed a little? You are buying something for YOU and well, we all know, you have an expensive taste. That’s not something to be ashamed of, you can spot true quality and that’s something to be proud of. Go and splurge a little, it’s your time!

  • 4. If you don’t like it anymore, you won’t have any remorse by giving it away

  • OMG. That moment when your mother-in-law asked about that sweater she bought you last year and how she hadn't seen you wearing it since. What do you say? Can you even remember where you placed it? It's impossible to tell someone you didn't like their present!!! Therefore, our best suggestion is for you to buy a present that you will always love and if trends and your taste change years after, you can always recreate a piece of jewelry or give it to a loved one (and it’ll be totally fine).

    5. It makes you REALLY happy

    According to Forbes, gifts increase both happiness and confidence. Even smaller rewards, like a bottle of wine or a massage, can help enhance the greatness of life’s victories and help get through daily disappointments. If little things like these make you feel better, imagine how well will a diamond make you feel!!!

    6. It’s cheaper than therapy

    We know, diamonds aren’t cheap, but they are a great investment both economically and emotionally. Imagine you’re having a crappy week and nothing is really changing your mood. What’s better than going to your favorite store and buying those earrings you’ve been thinking about all week? It’ll definitely cheer you up and you know “diamonds are a girl’s best friend.”


  • Like in the movie How to Lose a guy in 10 days, just go and FROST YOURSELF, you deserve to shine all day, every day.

    How to Choose a Diamond: the Ultimate HOTCROWN Guide

    How to Choose a Diamond: the Ultimate HOTCROWN Guide

    If you are reading this, then we officially welcome you to the diamond lovers group. You are part of a fancy you-know-what-you-want crowd who admire diamonds, jewelry, and gemstones and who sees them as pieces of art, because let's admit it, they truly are.

    How impressive is it to think every diamond is one of a kind? The explanation behind its extraordinariness is that these masterpieces are not human-made, but rather a result of a combination of several elements from the Earth. Yet another natural creation that amaze us all every day. According to Deborah Marquardt, Chief of Marketing Officer of the Diamond Producers Association, diamonds are "natural symbols of real connections because they are rare, precious and no two are alike." For these reasons, the majority of us admire fine jewelry and we're amazed by every piece of it. However... what do we really know about diamonds? How do we differentiate between real and fake gems? What are the factors determining which stone is the best? Ultimately, how to choose a diamond?

    For that, we have you covered. Since we know buying a diamond is a major investment, we present you the basics when it comes to diamonds and a guide to follow while buying the perfect gem for you. It's likely you've heard of the "Four C's" (cut, color, clarity, and carat) in diamonds, but don't really understand what they mean. After reading this article, you will master their meaning and their role while choosing a diamond.

    Before talking about the four C's, we need to get into the variety of shapes in which diamonds come in. The most popular and traditional ones are the round cut diamonds which have a lot of fire, light and brilliance. Under this group, you can find the regular round cut, oval shaped cut, and the cushion shaped diamonds, which are rounded squares. These are timeless cuts that are extremely admired worldwide, but demand challenging work since they need to be well-cut to bring out the most brilliance within the jewel.

    Brilliance plays an important role in cut and refers to the total amount of light returned by the stone. The angles at which a diamond is cut affects how efficiently it reflects light, and therefore, how it sparkles to the observer.  

    There are also unique shapes like the asscher and emerald diamonds which are rectangular and square cuts for a sleek, elegant appearance. They emit less fire or sparkle than round diamonds but are more transparent. Marquise and pear-shaped diamonds are more distinctive shapes, and help fingers look long and slender due to their elongated appearance.

    Emerald shape diamond

    Now, let's go down to the main factors, the 4 C's. How is the shape different from the first C- cut?

    This is the part where people tend to get confused. Shape refers to the actual form of how you see the diamond, but cut is all about angles and proportions. Cut refers to how well the diamond is converted from a rough stone to a polished stone. While color and clarity are given by nature, carat weight is a result of how the stone is cut. This is the only part of the diamond that is human-made.

    This C-factor is the most important one because there is no scale or guide to follow for finding the best cut, but rather looking at its characteristics. How brilliant is it? How bright is it? How sparkly and lively is it? When it's poorly cut, it doesn't show the diamond's beauty, they become dull and obscure. Cuts are usually graded from poorly cut, good, very good, ideal and super ideal.

    What is carat?

    Carat is the weight of the diamond on the scale. Diamonds with the same carat can look very different from each other due to its cut and may seem to have a big size difference between each of them, however, this relies entirely on the shape of the stone.

    Diamond carat size chart

    What about color?

    Color in diamonds refers to the yellowing presence within the crystal structure of the diamond. There's an international scale which begins at D (being the best) and ends in Z. A diamond that gets a D under the color scale means it has an absence of color, it's the clearest of all. There are several yellow diamonds that are seen as fancy nowadays, but they actually go beyond Z on the scale. While having a budget, you may have to consider a balance between color and clarity and this also comes to each person's taste

    The 4th C, clarity.

    This factor is also created by nature and follows the GIA (Gemological Institute of America) scale. The scale begins with flawless- meaning the best clarity and then, there's the VVS grade. VVs stands for very very slightly included and then, there's one and two, one being the higher. So VVS1 and VVS2, then VS1 and VS2 (very slightly included), SI1 and SI2 (slightly included) and finally the range of I1,2,3 that goes below that. What is graded here is the presence of inclusions in the crystal structure which are imperfections. Since diamonds are naturally formed, these "imperfections" are totally normal. Ninety-nine percent of the diamonds have these inclusions, but what we are really looking for is how pronounce are these on the jewel. Are you able to see them with your naked eye? How obvious are they? How do they look under a 10x magnifier?

    Example of inclusions in diamonds

    Lastly, how can you really be sure of what you are getting? Our first and honest answer is TO BUY FROM SOMEONE YOU TRUST. This is our most important advice. You should be able to build a relationship with a brand/store/company and to only buy from the people you are certain and confident about. Although it sounds scientific, when diamonds are graded, sometimes each appraisal will give a different grading for the same diamond and for you as a customer, it's very confusing because you can't really know the true grade of the stone just from looking at it. You should be able to consult with the seller on what's the ideal diamond for the type of jewel you're interested in and for your budget as well. Moreover, the diamond should be accompanied by a grade certificate that indicates it's a natural diamond and that you're not getting an artificial one. Our main recommendation is to always shop from someone you trust because you know… you DESERVE TO SHINE!